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SitePlug Unveils NucleusLinks, The First Automation Platform for Commerce Publishers


October 31, 2022

Auction engine, shopping widgets and centralized reporting across dozens of demand partners will save publishers hundreds of staff hours.

SitePlug, a division of Affinity Global Inc, today announced the launch of NucleusLinks, the first platform of its kind to automate the management, revenue optimization and reporting of multiple affiliate programs for commerce publishers.

At the core of NucleusLinks is an auction engine that requires merchants to compete for clicks from high-intent shoppers, using advanced decisioning logic to dynamically deliver the campaigns most likely to create the best customer experience at the highest possible yield for the publisher.

Publishers interested in trying NucleusLinks' technology are invited to schedule a demo.

Other features of the NucleusLinks platform include ready-to-use shopping widgets to increase consumer engagement. The widgets are customizable and can automatically adjust the merchant's name, price, availability, product rating and discount percentage. All NucleusLinks data is consolidated in a unified reporting dashboard making it easy for publishers to analyze and manage their programs.

The automated system is being hailed as a supply-side platform for commerce publishers, giving them the ability to optimize revenue across all of their affiliate demand partners and to automate the management of thousands of merchant links.

“NucleusLinks is a revolutionary breakthrough in yield optimization technology for commerce publishers,” said Lavin Punjabi, co-founder and CEO of Affinity. “The initial reception we've received from publishers has been overwhelmingly positive because we're addressing real pain points they are experiencing in 2022.”

SitePlug built NucleusLinks to provide publishers with more control and flexibility by automating a variety of pain points commonly experienced by news and lifestyle content publishers, coupon and deal communities, and comparison shopping and review sites. Before NucleusLinks, the technology to optimize revenue across multiple programs and thousands of links in a single dashboard was missing in the marketplace.

“Until now, the decision-making process for selecting which demand partner and program links to activate has been a highly manual and inefficient process, wasting precious time and costing publishers up to half of their revenue,” said Vijay Mehta, CTO of Affinity Global Inc. “With NucleusLinks, commerce publishers now have access to automation and decisioning technology that far exceed the human limitations of even the best ad operations teams.”

In addition to yield optimization and reporting, as the first commerce SSP of its kind, NucleusLinks is the only platform that makes affiliate demand partners compete for clicks. As users click on a merchant's link, the NucleusLinks auction engine calculates the effective Earnings Per Click (EPC) in under 100 milliseconds for each demand partner and identifies the highest revenue-earning path for the publisher. Auctions can be customized by country, device type, demand partner, click limits and more.

NucleusLinks consolidates reporting across affiliate networks, CPC bidders and rev-share networks, making it easy for publishers to integrate with and view data from CJ, AWIN, ShareASale, Rakuten, Impact, Sovrn, adMarketplace,, Skimlinks and Adgoal. Affordable tiered pricing is based on volume usage and is available upon request.

SitePlug previewed Nucleus Links at CJU and Digiday Publishing Summit in September and presented demos of the platform at the recent PI LIVE conference in London. To be among the first publishers to unlock the true power of merchant link monetization, or for more information about Nucleus Links, please schedule a demo.

About Affinity Global Inc.

Affinity Global Inc. is an advertising technology holding company that delivers innovative cross-funnel consumer engagement products for both advertisers and publishers. For brands and their agencies, Affinity provides non-standard ad formats and media platforms to deliver both awareness and performance objectives. For publishers, these same media platforms provide unique monetization opportunities from automated SaaS-based products in the display, commerce content and mobile app-install space. One of the fastest growing ad-tech companies in the world, Affinity’s business units include AdOpsOne, mCanvas, Nucleus Links, Opinary, SitePlug, VEVE and YieldSolutions. Affinity is a global company with 400+ employees across the US, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, China and Brazil. For more information visit

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