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AI-Powered Revenue Optimization

Smart Redirects optimally guides users to the highest EPC-yielding network and landing pages for each merchant by dynamically adjusting redirections according to location, device type, and traffic source associated with each click-out. 

This AI-driven intelligent optimization yields remarkable enhancements in monetization, mitigating the revenue leakages that publishers often face.

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Smart Widgets

Boosting Click-Through Rates

Smart Widgets excel in driving higher user engagement compared to static in-house widgets.

These customizable plug-and-play shopping widgets dynamically adjust the merchant’s name, price, availability, product rating, discount percentage, and more, resulting in a substantial increase in click-through rates and eventually conversions.

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Comprehensive Insights Made Simple

An integrated analytics solution that consolidates vital business metrics, offering a comprehensive overview of overall affiliate performance through a centralized dashboard.

This consolidation is made possible by seamlessly connecting with over 50 networks and 10,000 merchants, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the necessity for juggling multiple logins or dealing with various spreadsheets.

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NucleusLinks has allowed us  to monetize previously untapped merchants and increase our EPC by over 30% with certain brands.

Mark Andres​

Head of Partnerships 

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