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NucleusLinks by Affinity Wins “Best Performance Marketing Innovation” at Performance Marketing Awards 2023


May 18, 2023

NucleusLinks by Affinity Global Inc. a leading international advertising technology holding company, won “Best Performance Marketing Innovation” at the 17th annual Performance Marketing Awards. The ceremony was held in London on Thursday, May 11, 2023, where an award was presented to NucleusLinks, Affinity’s operating system for affiliate publishers to manage their operations.

Most affiliate publishers operate between 100 and 100,000 merchant relationships across their media properties. Their daily challenge is to discover, optimize and update which networks will yield the most revenue for each merchant. Adding to this challenge, most publishers aren’t aware they can earn higher revenue if they make multiple networks compete for each of their merchant links. Managing all of the operations necessary to achieve optimal revenue is cumbersome and requires a lot of manhours.

NucleusLinks was launched in Q4 2022 to tackle these challenges, and in a short span of time has gained rapid popularity with well-known affiliate publishers. The solution intelligently routes merchant clicks to the highest EPC yielding network across multiple pricing models - CPS, CPA, CPC (fixed and variable), CPL and revenue share. Additionally, it centralizes reporting across all types of networks - affiliate networks, sub-networks and CPC networks.

In November 2022, Vouchercloud, a coupon website of the Groupon Reach Network tested NucleusLinks with 107 merchants and 10 networks across all devices. They experienced a 35% revenue lift within 60 days of adopting NucleusLinks.

“A year into our partnership, the Affinity team introduced us to NucleusLinks, which caught my attention as a potential solution to maximize our EPCs and provide us with a safety net in case of any tracking issues with a single network,” said Mark Andres, head of partnerships at The Groupon Reach Network. “The initial results have been fantastic, increasing our revenue by over 30 percent with the merchants we tested. This is truly exciting, and we plan to rapidly expand the number of brands using NucleusLinks throughout the coming year, not only in the UK but in all our territories.”

The “Best Performance Marketing Innovation” honor from the Performance Marketing Awards was based on Nucleus Links’ innovative technology and the astounding results Vouchercloud achieved on implementing NucleusLinks.

“We would like to thank the Performance Marketing Awards for recognizing and honoring NucleusLinks’ technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way publishers monetize their merchant links,” said Lavin Punjabi, co-founder and CEO of Affinity Global Inc. “Receiving ‘Best Performance Marketing Innovation’ reflects our commitment to making the lives of publishers easier while increasing their revenue.”

About Affinity Global Inc.

Affinity Global Inc. is an advertising technology holding company that delivers innovative cross-funnel consumer engagement products for both advertisers and publishers. For brands and their agencies, Affinity provides non-standard ad formats and media platforms to deliver both awareness and performance objectives. For publishers, these same media platforms provide unique monetization opportunities from automated SaaS-based products in the display, commerce content and mobile app-install space. One of the fastest growing ad-tech companies in the world, Affinity’s business units include AdOpsOne, mCanvas, Nucleus Links, Opinary, SitePlug, VEVE and YieldSolutions. Affinity is a global company with 400+ employees across the US, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, China and Brazil. For more information visit

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