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NucleusLinks by Affinity Increases Commerce Revenue for Publishers Through Automation


January 23, 2023

NucleusLinks by Affinity Global Inc. puts publishers in control with an automated affiliate SSP platform with consolidated reporting in a central dashboard, increasing both efficiency and revenue.

Affinity Global Inc., launches NucleusLinks, an affiliate automation platform for modern-day publishers.

NucleusLinks is a commerce SSP (Supply-Side Platform) that solves publishers’ challenges of having insight into performance across multiple ad networks, eliminates lost revenue due to expired or out of stock merchant links, optimizes CTAs in real-time, and eliminates cumbersome manual revenue reporting. “At Affinity, we realized there was a need for software that manages publishing productivity and efficiency, so we created a platform that makes life easier for publishers while increasing revenue,” says Lavin Punjabi, co-founder and CEO of Affinity Global Inc.

NucleusLinks automation takes care of the day-to-day challenges of which affiliate networks should be used for a particular merchant offer at any given moment, eliminating manual A/B testing for ad networks’ performance.

Along with its automation, NucleusLinks lets publishers configure multiple ad networks by controlling and filtering their data.

“You can see the revenue each ad network is making for you, how many merchants are configured as a network, and a consolidated report in a central dashboard that allows you to review the performance of all your networks and merchants,” says Lavin Punjabi. “You can configure and control every element of where the clicks go and see how much revenue you have made, how many unique ad networks you are running against it, and if the EPC (Earnings Per Click) is trending upward or downward.”

Merchant data can be general, or a publisher can magnify deeper and compare across different regions or at the device level, such as desktop or mobile.

Nucleus Links also has customizable plug-n-play widgets for a merchant’s name, price, availability, product rating and discount percentage to drive up consumer engagement.

About Affinity Global Inc.

Affinity Global Inc. is an advertising technology holding company that delivers innovative cross-funnel consumer engagement products for both advertisers and publishers. For brands and their agencies, Affinity provides non-standard ad formats and media platforms to deliver both awareness and performance objectives. For publishers, these same media platforms provide unique monetization opportunities from automated SaaS-based products in the display, commerce content and mobile app-install space. One of the fastest growing ad-tech companies in the world, Affinity’s business units include AdOpsOne, mCanvas, Nucleus Links, Opinary, SitePlug, VEVE and YieldSolutions. Affinity is a global company with 400+ employees across the US, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, China and Brazil. For more information visit

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